Printing Policies

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Printing in the UNT Student Computer Labs

Printing is a service provided by the UNT Student Computer Labs to all currently-enrolled UNT students. To provide more services to students and meet students' changing academic needs, the UNT SCL network uses a print credit system. This print credit system provides students with the following benefits.

  • Check the lab locations to view each lab's printing capabilities and options.
  • Students take responsibility for their printing.
  • Students print to meet their academic needs.
  • SCL reduces the number of printing restrictions currently in place.
  • SCL continues meeting the printing requirements of UNT students without raising fees.

Printing Information

How does the print credit system work?

Each UNT student is given a virtual printing "credit" at the beginning of each semester they are enrolled. When printing at one of the UNT SCL labs, this virtual printing credit decreases based on the calculated cost of that print job. Virtual printing credits are reset back to the starting credit balance when dorms open for the start of the next semester.

Is this an additional fee for printing?

The virtual printing credits students receive each semester are not "added on" to the fees students already pay, but are instead allocated from the portion of the Technology Use Fee already dedicated to supporting the Student Computer Labs. Virtual printing credits have no monetary value and cannot be transferred or converted to an actual cash balance.

How is the cost of a print job calculated?

Printing is provided by the UNT SCL network at the following rates.

  • Three cents ($0.03) for one single-sided black-and-white-printed sheet.
  • Five cents ($0.05) for one double-sided black-and-white-printed sheet.
  • Ten cents ($0.10) for one single-sided color-printed sheet.
  • Nineteen cents ($0.19) for one double-sided color-printed sheet.


There is no refund option once the printing credit is used, so please proofread your work before printing. If you experienced a printing problem due to a printer malfunction, report it to the nearest lab staff member for a reprint for no additional cost.

Students who experience issues with their print-credit balance should submit a support request through Service Now.

How can students check their print-credit balance?

Students can view their current printing-credit balance, overall print usage, and the environmental impact of their printing by visiting the website and logging in using their EUID and password. Students must be on the UNT network to access this website.

What if students exceed their initial print credit?

Students who expend all of their allotted printing credits may purchase additional printing credits.

  • Go to to view your account summary
  • Click on Add Credit in the menu on the left
  • Select the dollar amount you want to add, then click on the Add Value button
  • Complete the purchase using your credit card

Purchased printing credits can be used to print in any UNT Student Computer Lab. However, unlike printing credits given at the start of the semester, purchased credits will carry forward to the next semester.

Printing Limits

  • Some labs enforce a 20-sheets-per-print-job rule to control printing traffic. This translates to 20 pages of single-sided printing or 40 pages of double-sided printing. Ask the lab staff on-site about this rule for the particular lab visited. Patrons are encouraged to use double-sided printing when available and appropriate.
  • Lab Managers have the authority to restrict printing and/or lab access from any patron who abuses printing policies.
    • Lab Managers document printing policy abusers and share that information with other lab managers.