Sage Hall Testing Center: Security

Security Cameras: The Sage Hall Testing Center utilizes an in house cloud-based camera system running 27 separate views within the Testing Center. This new camera system was installed during the summer of 2019 and provides a complete view of the Testing Center. Each camera is strategically placed to allow for extra eyes in the room so that no instances of academic dishonesty occur, and if they do, are properly documented.

LTS HD 4MP 2.8mm Wide Angle Turret IP CamerasWide angle camera

4MP High Definition
Up to 2688x1520@30fps
2.8mm Fixed Lens
0.018 Lux @ F1.6
Matrix IR 2.0, IR Range up to 100 feet
True WDR 120dB

Live Proctoring: The Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center offers live proctoring of exams. Our student-testing monitors are currently-enrolled UNT graduate students and provide added security and assistance during the testing process. With the combination of our extensive camera system, the exam security tools provided by Canvas, and our in-room monitors, the maximum level of academic integrity in online testing is available.

Testing center staff members continuously monitor the camera feeds on numerous screens throughout exam times. Camera footage is stored digitally and can be reviewed as needed, should a question arise.

Secure-Testing Tools: The staff of UNT's Center for Learning Experimentation, Application and Research, CLEAR, will assist faculty in the development and use of secure-testing tools, such as the Canvas Learning Management System features and Respondus lockdown browser. Members of the CLEAR team will assist in the explanation to faculty/staff testing stakeholders, the importance of testing security and the providing of appropriate proctoring personnel.

Faculty and staff utilizing the Sage Hall Computer-Based Testing Center are expected to learn how to use secure-testing tools for testing center exams. All tests in the center will be assumed to have those security controls in place, such as lockdown browser, a cell phone policy, etc., unless alternative technical arrangements have been made in advance by faculty or staff administering the testing.

camera monitor for testing center

Faculty and staff are responsible for developing and thoroughly documenting and explaining to their affected students the policies regarding cell phone use and abuse, presentation of ID cards, and other possible cheating practices and outcomes.

Cell-phone-signal jamming or scrambling is NOT provided. Individual machine-based security cameras are NOT provided.

If you have any questions about the Sage Hall Testing Center exam security features, please contact Abby Hart, Testing Coordinator - - for more information.