Sage Hall Testing Center: Technology Available

Testing Options -- Virtual and In Person

For detailed information regarding remote testing or to ask about customized remote testing, please contact Samuel Wiggins, 940-369-6298,

How to request a reservation

To request a reservation, please log in with your EUID and PIN to submit a request through UNTS Service Now. Include your preferred testing option listed in the notes/details, e.g., Zoom Lockdown combination. Notes are not needed for in-person, full class reservations.

New Secure Virtual Testing Options:

Our staff members have developed several options to allow faculty to offer exams remotely with live proctoring and enhanced security. Faculty are invited to consult with Samuel Wiggins about the custom setup and implementation of these new options.

Zoom Lockdown Combination Testing: These are remote testing sessions where a proctor monitors via Zoom and student mobile phone cameras, a breakout session of 20 to 30 students. This feature is available for use with the standard Respondus Lockdown browser (not Respondus Monitor) and will add additional security to your testing sessions. Students will need a smartphone with Zoom software installed AND a desktop or laptop computer.

Zoom Grade Hub Combination Testing: These remote testing sessions are ideal for multiple choice exams. Faculty simply upload their existing exams as PDFs into Canvas without the need to retype content. GradeHub automatically creates an answer sheet within Canvas. A proctor monitors the exam via a Zoom breakout session of 20-30 students through either their computer or smartphone camera.

Please note: GradeHub is not currently compatible with Respondus Lockdown Browser and PDFs are not ADA-compliant, so this option is available only for faculty who do not have students who are registered with the ODA for special needs.

Zoom Paper-Based Combination Testing: These are remote testing sessions where a proctor monitors via a Zoom and their smartphone or computer cameras, a breakout session of 20-30 students taking paper exams. Students then scan their documents (using a free easy-to-use app such as CamScanner) into a separate breakout room for submissions.

Zoom Screen & Environment Proctoring: Meant for classes of 10 students or fewer. Please contact Samuel Wiggins for exceptions) these sessions include webcam AND screen-sharing but do not support the Respondus Lockdown Browser. Ideal for exams that may include writing answers in Microsoft Word or utilizing any other application outside of the traditional browser environment. Students will need a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam or a computer/smartphone-with-camera combination.

Note: Any students without the required hardware can take their exam in the Sage Hall Testing Center.

In-Person Options

In-Person Full Class Reservations: Reservations made online by a professor for their class. These are traditional Testing Center reservations. The capacity maximum is currently at 67 seats to socially distance students.)

Expanded Windows for Individual, In-Person Make-up Testing: Expansion of in-person make-up testing opportunities: Expanded make-up times for individual students who cannot or do not wish to use the remote Zoom testing options have been added to our calendar. As with all of our make-up exam services, students must make arrangements through their professors. Additionally, "authorized make-up exam windows" can be specified by the faculty member for the student by notifying the Samuel Wiggins, service desk manager. From there, the student can choose a make-up time that falls within that window.

The expanded make-up testing windows are Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. except when the entire Sage Hall Testing Center is in use for a previously reserved exam. Check our calendar for available make-up times.

Laptop Testing Reservations: Laptop Testing Reservations: These are our traditional laptop reservations for our customers including our collaborative laptop partners in the Ryan College of Business and the College of Merchandising, Housing, and Tourism. General and CMHT laptop reservation requests are submitted via our testing center reservation form. Reservations for laptop exams for the RCOB are submitted via our BLB laptop request form.

Sage Hall Testing Center Lab Configuration

Note: all rooms in the Sage Hall Testing Center are currently at half the capacity to accommodate social distancing.

Room 332, 3̶9̶ -19 stations Room 333, 2̶4̶ ̶ - 12 stations
Room 334, 3̶6̶ - 13 stations Room 335, 3̶6̶ - 13 stations
Note: 135 68 stations are available. Room assignments are determined by the reservation manager.

The Windows desktops have the following configuration.

  • Dell OptiPlex 3030 All-In-One (Intel Core i5 3GHz, 8GB RAM)
  • Windows 10 64-bit OS
  • iCheckin self-service login client
  • Canvas support web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome)
  • Adobe Acrobat XI Professional
  • SSH & SCP clients
  • VLC video player
  • 7-Zip archive tool
  • Microsoft Office 2016
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser
  • Pearson Lockdown Browser
  • Pearson Compass (Excel Certiport Testing)

Appointment? Send an email to set an appointment time with our technical manager.

Note: The testing center rooms have been optimized for secure testing with security cameras. The facility may not be suitable for other activities, such as training sessions or classes except on a highly specialized basis. Potential users are invited to visit the facility first before requesting the center for non-testing activities.

Testing activities always receive the highest priority in scheduling for the center.